Tuesday, December 23, 2014

3331 Arts Chiyoda Info and Link

Gallery info update, ThreeA, September 2015.


Merry Christmas! December Update.

Another year almost over and with 2015 just around the corner we have some dates to announce. In April Ash will be exhibiting all over again at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Last time was an amazing experience and so we're coming back! For updates on works in progress and the show in general please follow Ash on Instagram (ashleywoodart).

I may also be jumping the gun a little, (as we've just signed!) but ThreeA is also holding a major show in Akihabara, Japan in September 2015. The gallery complex used to be a school, we've booked the whole place including the restaurant so pencil this one in on your 2015 must see schedule. This show will be in much the same vein as previous ThreeA Venture shows but bigger! Keep up with any and all announcements on the ThreeA facebook page, (more info coming soon).

Christmas is going to be quiet and cruisey this year, we've got a stack of reading material all lined up. I love reading about myths and legends and having been surrounded by Chinese culture particularly in the last few years, I've been keeping score of some of their good omens. If you scroll through some of the entries on this blog I mentioned a certain water feature, complete with photo. In order to stop bugs taking it over I put a couple of goldfish in and they're multiplying... so I figure when they're big enough I'm going to bundle the babies, (fry), up in little baggies of water and give them away to friends for good luck in 2015.

All Prints are in the process of shipping, last batch goes out January 2nd, (I'm aiming for sooner), then we're all done.

So that's it for this year folks! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, our hearts go out especially to the people of Sydney with all that has occurred this month, stay strong, there are better days ahead.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some Taiwan Pics

 Ash, Eddy and Me

This is a pic of the much vaunted Batman Burger. I think it's worth pointing out that this was purchased as a novelty and nobody actually ate it. There was some concern that it might send an unwanted Bat signal to someone's pants.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Update

Bet ya didn't know that Narcissus was actually a cat? Huh? Huh? Welcome to the October update, perhaps I should explain the pic. Ash and I are trying to clean and pretty things up a bit around the studio and this lovely thing appeared. TV garden people would call it a water feature, fancy person calls it a reflective pool and Ash calls it a bird bath. I personally think it looks like some kind of ancient screeing pool, which is kind of cool, currently it's predicting a cat 5 plus Typhoon... note the clouds.

This weekend Three A is showing at the Beast Kingdom show in Taipei, Taiwan. Getting there wasn't so pleasant this time though as there was lots of turbulance due to the presence of clouds spiraling off the Typhoon due to hit Japan any time soon. To all of our friends in Japan, stay safe.

A big shout out and a thankyou to Madames Chen and Chen and to all the people who came to last weekend's expo in Guangzhou, China. 

Last week, as some as you may know, was Golden Week and a lot of people in Hong Kong take holidays at that time of year. Ash and I tried to take a couple of days off but we failed miserably. We don't do holidays well, we get easily bored. In my case I've done something stupid to my shoulder and so I ended up in one of those scary MRI machines and told to take it easy. Sitting on my bum doing nothing is super hard and so I bought a book by a popular author and settled in for a good read, (loaded up on anti inflamatories). About a quarter of the way through the author used her main character to say some really meanspirited things about the work of another author. I got mad and lobbed the book across the room, rescrewing my shoulder, yay! 

From now on I'm sticking to my Kindle, I would never lob an ipad (too expensive).

In other news: Get well soon Morrissey, you irascible bastard! You were a fixture of our teenage years and the world is not ready to lose you just yet.

Till next time,