Thursday, August 23, 2012

Audrey and the Leg

Here are two pictures for you all to enjoy. The first is because it made me laugh. I'm not always present when Ash names things and so I almost burst a blood vessel this morning when we received a package for his Audrey Shoe entitled: "Audrey Slipped With the Butterknife"

The second photo I'm putting up is of an item which may or may not appear at the Jonathan Levine exhibition in October. The item is a hand painted leg, and I have to say it's my favorite piece. I love the way that all of the women in Ash's paintings are so strong and liberated and this piece is just so beautiful to me, for that reason and so many others.

Creation, Birth and Rebirth

Upcoming exhibition: Jonathan Levine Gallery NYC 20th October 2012

I always tell people that taking up a writing project is like having a child, I know it sounds cliche but starting a project and having a child have a lot of hallmarks in common. It's an exciting time, it's a worrying time, it's a "What the heck are we going to name this person?" time... And I'd be lying if there wasn't a little brain sex involved in creating a story, it's rewarding to write something you're into at that moment.

There is one way however, in which having a baby and writing a book is dissimilar and it's all to do with space... But don't worry, if you want to know what it's like not to be able to bend double, see your toes or sleep normally in your third trimester, all you have to do is to hook up with an artist... or go and visit one in the throes of finishing works for a solo exhibition.

The art studio, (and the artist who occupies it), is currently experiencing all the joys of the third trimester, there are expectations, short fuses, no room to move for shit and not just a few "Watch your toes please in case you kick or step on something!" 

It's a very cool time to be around our house at the moment, the walls of the studio are lined with paintings newly varnished and hung up to dry and just walking into that place is to be hit in the face with a wall of scent that is both acrid, sweet and chemical.

Soon, very soon we shall be down to the packing stage, one fraught with it's own set of circumstances too. How to pack, when to crate, who is sending what and how will they send it? Reams and reams of Fragile tape, stickers, Hands off! This way up! And then finally... is it there yet?

All of this leading up to the doors of the gallery opening and... then it's your turn to come and see the baby.