Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keep Your Chins Up And Your Smiles Turned On

We'd just like to give a special shout out to all of our friends and supporters living on the east coast of America right now. Watching the devastation on the TV, the scene looks like something out of a sci fi disaster flick but the sad reality is that it's all too real.

Yesterday was just such a strange day for us, on the one hand we were concerned for our friends in New York and New Jersey and on the other hand we lost an old and very dear friend at home.

Life is so short and so precious, we all have worries, concerns and stresses but through all of this we mustn't forget that the real wealth that we hold, are the people that we hold in our arms. Be good to one another and if you live on the east coast of the U.S right now stay strong, we're all thinking of you.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate the Saturday opening of the exhibition, the turn out was huge, (both for the print and the gallery), and Ash just wants to thank everyone for their incredible support and just the raw energy and enthusiasm that people brought along with them to the show. Meeting people is always great, in this case a lot of people flew in from around the U.S, (and likewise from around the world), and the night exceeded any expectations that we could have had going into this.

Don't forget if you've yet to see the show it's on until the 17th of November. Ash will be back in his studio soon and back to blogging on his main blog, I'm sure he'll have much more to say then. 

Stay tuned to this blog for Beautiful War progress updates, movie and individual project news.


Here is a link to a photo posted on the Jonathan LeVine Gallery Facebook Page The photo shows people lining up, (some of them overnight no less!) in New York for the 1PM print releases for the Machine Sabbath and Exhale exhibitions. The support that Ash and Jeremy have received since opening at the gallery has been phenomenal, and this image just goes to show, how very welcome NYC has made everyone feel - thank you, thank you all.


After a hearty breakfast Ash looks forward to meeting you all at the gallery today.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Here We Go! Saturday News and Other Bits


It's almost Saturday in New York which means that the exhibition will be officially open to the public and you will have from then through to November 17 to go along and see it. I'm posting some random shots of New York along with this post to whet your appetite if you live within subway striking distance of the show.

Weird Bits

The last twenty four hours have been a little weird for me because although I update the blog, I'm not one to actually scour the web, so when I spend a little time on the net, I end up either scratching my head or blowing my mind over some of article or other that I've read. So today I came across an article where one of these Doomsday Preppers types announced that Ashley's vision of World War Robot is the future. 

Now, just presupposing that the preppers survive past the 21st of December... (which I'm sure you all will), I personally think that unless Ash takes to dressing like Bernard Sumner (circa Joy Division 1979) and that the technology actually exists whereby the artist can actually exile himself to the moon and get tinkering well... we're all going to be okay. In the meantime we'd love to see you all get out and buy some popcorn and go to the movies to eventually see the Jerry Bruckheimer adaption because  the name Bruckheimer is actually German for Awesome-Sauce. 


The MONA is in the news again today so I thought I'd say a little something about it.

The state of Tasmania is often left off of national maps due to image constrictions, (or just plain ignorance really), but gosh darn it what a beautiful, beautiful place! And more so because of one man, David Walsh. Mr. Walsh, for those of you who are not already aware, is both a philanthropist and a visionary and he is also the tour de force behind Tasmania's MONA ART GALLERY. The MONA sits resplendently on the banks of the river Derwent and David Walsh envisioned and realized it from scratch. 

Sure Australia has a lot of cool art galleries but this one is very different, it's not a culmination of a small institution collecting and expanding it's space over a period of a hundred years, it is gift to the nation of Australia, it is something that has changed the art landscape forever and it happened in just a small handful of years. So the next time you fly into Melbourne or Sydney for a holiday in the sun, be aware that Hobart, Tasmania and the MONA is just a short, inexpensive flight away and that you haven't experienced all that Australia has to offer unless you've visited the MONA.

Update Fri/Sat 19/10 20/10

The exhibition is officially open, the VIP night is well under way and already the show has been a huge success. The public opening is tomorrow night and I hope everyone can come along and be there. I'll be bringing you more photos and updates soon - also as always if you're spreading the word via your own blog and you take photos from this one please credit them:)

Before the Show Sneaky Set Up Peek!

It's Show Day and...

It's raining in New York.

Heya from nyc

In the hotel in NYC missing Paula and lads really bad, but looking forward to seeing everyone at Levine gallery this weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


After some difficulty in making it into NYC tonight due to the Alfred E Smith Dinner event, (being held in honor of the upcoming election), Ash and crew finally made it out to dinner. Here is the view from the dining table. See you all tomorrow for the opening party!

Moody Night in NYC

Out and About in NYC


Here is the first of many NYC photos to come. From left to right, the incomparable Scott Eder from Scott Eder Galleries NY, the always chill, ThreeA's own, Master Kim Fung and Toy Tokyo's Lev Israeli. Lev recently received a lifetime achievement award at the Designer Toy Awards, so here's an extra shout out and congrats to Lev.

Gallery Link

The Jonathan LeVine gallery.

Update Thurs/ Fri 18/10 19/10

Some works from The Jonathan LeVine exhibition are being featured over at Hi-Fructose. It's great that the works are getting some coverage and that a wider audience outside of the gallery will also get to see the works because of the internet, however I just wanted to point out that on their website the paintings are stacked blog style and so you might be misled to think that the works are actually quite small - not true! 

 The extended work placed at the bottom of the Hi Fructose blog is in fact as big as a single bed! The largest work in the exhibition is about as big as a good sized double bed, if that gives you any idea... All in all the effect of the images just being so large and just so Ash... is overpowering and has an amazing effect when viewed all together. We had a test viewing for a couple of our friends who popped by just before the art shipped and in each case they said, we've been following your progress on the blog but we had no idea!

Ash is in New York now and he's already out and about, so if you see him give him a wave and say hello. It's hard to believe that after all this time, we're finally here, up and running. Again if you have the opportunity to see the exhibition as a whole, don't miss out, the collection in its entire state will be seen only once like this, after LeVine all of these paintings will undoubtedly find homes in private collections.

Hopefully we'll have some photos for you soon in the next couple of hours.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updates Thurs. 18/10/12

News... News... News...

Gallery Show News

I have some announcements to make re prints, there is a limited edition of 50 prints available at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, they will no doubt go quickly so don't miss out. These will be the last of the large formats for now, in 2013 we have plans to go in a different direction. Stay tuned for more news on this front as it comes up.

Movie News

In movie news "Yes Virginia we do have a director!" But if you're a budding starlet or star person please don't email us your bios and head shots, we appreciate that you're eager and starting out but we just don't have that kind of authority and casting isn't our thing - Best of luck to you all regardless, if I've learned anything in the last few weeks it's that there are a lot of truly beautiful people out there.

Charity Auction News

Ash and I have come up with a plan for December onwards which will see a select number of auctions take place for a good cause. Over time we have built up quite a stash of rare ThreeA and 7174 related merch and other stuff, so much so that we now have a secure storage unit that looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. What we're planning to do is to auction items off with no reserve and then donate the money raised to a local organization that helps young people who are doing it tough to feed and support their children.

More updates soon!

Jonathan LeVine Gallery Exhibition 20/10

Today it occurred to both Ash and I that if our hometown was a starting point, then NYC must be located at the point which is the farthest from. So many people have emailed, called and wished Ash well from all over the world, that it makes the world feel that much smaller and closer together - that is until you actually climb aboard the plane! For those who aren't aware, with airtime and transfers and what not it is going to take Ash a full 36 hours to reach New York!! Not to mention the fact that he almost didn't make the plane at all. (Thank you Qantas - they don't usually allow people on with five minutes to spare). 

There are many reasons to attend this exhibition however, it marks the culmination of two years work, people literally have flown from all over the world to see it and the amazing Jeremy Geddes is also having a solo show in the gallery next door. 

Ash and Jeremy have spoken for years about having a joint art show but we being from Perth and he being a proud Melburnian (yup I spell it like we say it) well neutral ground was needed and we just weren't sure how many of our international guests would schlep themselves off to Adelaide, (flying time considered). So New York City was the go and why not? Who wouldn't want to do that?

The concept started small and then grew and grew until a joint exhibition became two solo shows and I personally am just so proud of them both,  if you are in New York City this weekend or indeed for the rest of October and most of November, drop in and enjoy the work on display, be our guest we'd love you to come on out and have a look.