Monday, July 15, 2013

SDCC and July Update

SDCC is upon us this week and as per usual I will be blogging the convention but I won't be cross posting. So, if you've already subscribed to Ashley's blog you will be receiving our main SDCC updates, if not you can subscribe to the main blog or just drop in to the Bambaland Blogspot to follow our progress this year.

And here is a quick July update. Recently we've seen a lot of movement on the entertainment front regarding some of our properties but up until now we've been unable to publicly talk about some of these goings on due to NDA's (non-disclosure agreements). Hopefully we will soon be able to make announcements about some of the amazing things we currently have on our plate, including artistic joint ventures directly related to our partners in the U.S and Japan. ThreeA as always has it's own blog so you can catch up on the ongoing coolness there too.

Every year Ash goes to SDCC and spends four days away from the family, which is hard on all of us but when Ash gets to meet all the fans and give something back it makes it all worthwhile, and we sincerely mean that. We know that if not for your support all of this would be one big vanity project, so thank you and be sure to treat my guy nice.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Interview in French - Link

I'm posting a link to an interview Ash gave recently in France. I'm posting it because I absolutely love the accompanying photo!

Interview en Francais