Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Update

Coming up this month, we will hopefully blogging our trip to Adelaide SA (South Australia). Stay tuned for photos and updates towards the middle of the month.

Also on the agenda, Miami Beach Basal, all the art is off and away now and is the exhibition is a go.

2014 also sees the beginning of a major Ash Wood art undertaking. I believe most of the pre-production for the project will be taking place in Melbourne on a closed set but I am told that I will be allowed to blog a lot of it, including some of the post production and construction that will be taking place in our own studio space. The project is a big one which will culminate in not one but two art events, the scope of which is so large at this stage that we've had to take on a producer outside of 7174 to fully manage it all. Fun and interesting times ahead.