Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ThreeA Spoilers!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Thailand Toy Expo Opening Night

Here are some photos from the opening night festivities.

Thailand Toy Expo Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of some photos of the ThreeA booth at the Thailand Toy Expo. The opening ceremony is about five minutes away now. More photos soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May Update. Time to Celebrate!

7174 officially turns 10 this month!! I think I mentioned that we'd release a commemorative T-Shirt or something but then Ash said: "No, no, leave it to me!" As a result I am now one of the only female writers on the planet who actually has their own action figure!! Yep, that's a pocket sized version of me, my favourite pair of white wedges and all.

May is also the time that we all say, Happy Birthday to Ash - so Happy Birthday Ash!!

Beautiful War, is coming along nicely too, I cannot wait for the first issue to hit the stands. In the last week I've just been pawing the original artwork on Ash's drawing desk and getting my hand slapped and then kissed and my hand slapped and then kissed and then finally, "Hands off the originals please!" The lines are so clean the originals look like printed versions already. It such a rush to see, something that started as a mere story idea turn into such a vast and fully realised world. As you can probably tell I'm super duper happy right about now.

In other news... this week sees the opening of the Toy Expo in Bangkok Thailand. If there are any photos to be had, I shall be posting them here as always.

A few thank you notes also. Thanks for all the get well soons in April. Thanks to Sui Yin for all your hard work as usual and thanks to all the team at IDW for your infallible support as always.