Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello Perth! Supanova Saturday

Have you ever had one of those moments when you turned around and thought... How did this all suddenly get so big? That happened a couple of times today, once when I caught sight of the sheer amount of people that turned out in force for the Supanova Pop Culture convention and twice when I attended the IDW/Ashley Wood panel and just got a real sense of how much work is actually produced by IDW on the whole. We've been with IDW since the start and so I still have that "way back when" feeling about it and then when the entertainment IP lists started coming up on the screen... wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

IDW also brought along a creator graphic for Ash which listed some 1750 pages of comic art in the stats alongside him and I thought gee - that's just for IDW! As most of you know Ash worked for Marvel and Todd McFarlane and the 2000AD people before that so, I'm almost afraid to count.

Got to say though possibly the funniest moment of today was on the panel when Ash point blank refused to give away the story behind The Beautiful War and then IDW put a graphic of a page featuring a wall. The wall, Ash clarified for the audience, is actually a character in the story, there was just a sea of blank looks after that. Thank you to everyone that attended btw, we really appreciate you taking the time.

For me personally, I'd also like to say thank you. I don't often attend events like this, it was so nice to meet both the IDW and ThreeA fans for the first time today, you actually did better than a lot of people that I've met before on numerous occassions, there were at least three people I hadn't seen for twenty years today who asked me if I was the "new wife", no says I, I'm the original girlfriend, you just forgot.

Thanks to Ted, Chris and all the IDW family, Royd and always as ever the wonderful Miss Sui Yin!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thank You Sydney!

Thank you to all of those people who attended the Sydney leg of the Supanova Pop Culture Expo, the whole crew had a great time meeting sketching and saying hello. The ThreeA booth was packed all weekend and many attendees had travelled from as far away as New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Phillipines just to catch up with Ash and see the booth.

This week the Supanova show moves on to home turf when the expo opens Friday at the Perth Convention Centre. Once again we will be blogging the Perth show, if you're in Perth come along and say hi to Sui Yin and the gang at the ThreeA booth.

Special thanks to Supanova chief Daniel, Royd (as ever), and Sui Yin.

And don't forget, if you're an artist, writer or creator, stop by at the IDW booth and say hello, show your stuff, be bold and start something.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunday Pics Sydney

Busy day again today. Three new photos for you. First photo: Crowd at ThreeA booth. Second photo: Ted Adams and Chris Ryall at IDW booth. Third Photo: Ash has been sketching non stop for fans, this one is a Nabler Guy Sketch.

Friday, June 13, 2014

IDW Sydney

Ladies and Gentlemen - Ted Adams!

More Pics ThreeA Sydney

Cool Art

Three A Teaser

How cool is this guy?

Sydney Signing Shots Day 2

Here are some photos taken at a signing that is taking place right now. Nice to meet and greet with everyone!!!

Writers, Artists and Creators Re: Supanova Convention

When Ash and I started out in our chosen fields many moons ago, we were hungry and so we did what any two young people could do, we got out there and we shook the tree. No one of any note or clout ever came down to Australia in those days looking for talent to hire, no one. So Ash and I climbed on a plane and went to see those people ourselves.

And whenever anyone Australian talks about our success in life the first thing they say is: "Well they went off to America, what do you expect?"

Right now writers and artists, our publisher Mr. Ted Adams of IDW San Diego is sat in a booth along side the esteemed American editor in chief Mr. Chris Ryall at the Sydney convention, (Perth next week). These two men have approved and edited every successful IDW title we've ever made. Furthermore Mr. Ted Adams is a bone fide film producer who has sold no less than three of those books into motion pictures on our behalf to some of the most celebrated and lauded producers and directors working in Hollywood today. U.S. TV adaptions are also in motion.

That some artists are trading shit, (between city loyalties), on Twitter and are not lined up begging for that leg up that some say is so ellusive that you have to travel all the way to the U.S to get it is beyond me.

Wise up people, time is running out in Sydney, and Perth talent get your showcase ready! If you miss out on meeting the few influential people who actually bother to come down to Australia, you're missing out. Yeah some of us had to go the extra distance and shake the tree, but for some others all you have to do is to show a bit of courage, turn up and shake hands, how easy is that?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sydney Supanova Preview Shots

It's that time of year again, when the Supanova show rolls into town. This year ThreeA, IDW, Ash and all the gang are attending the Sydney and Perth legs of the tour. Here are some ThreeA booth set up shots. This annual pop culture event starts today at the Sydney Showgrounds, shortly followed by the Perth show next week which will be held at the Perth Convention Center.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let's Grow Old Together - Art Show

Here is a link to the "Let's Grow Old Together" art show (page in Japanese). The art show will be taking place around the same time as the Wonder Festival - it's a celebration of all things Ashley Wood and ThreeA. It's being held at PARCO - Visit Here.

WWR Coming Soon!

Here is an advance look at the Japanese edition of the WWR books, complete with squares! This epic version of WWR will be hitting shelves in Japan soon and is produced by PIE Publishing.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Update

June is Supanova month and this year we are making appearances at Supanova Sydney and Supanova Perth and both events are set to be bigger and better than ever. It's one thing to be a guest and sign things and maybe do the occassional panel but this year we're expanding our presence by bringing along some friends! 

If you're a 3A fan you'll be pleased to know that we are setting up a 3A booth at both events, come along and say hello to Ashley and Sui Yin, (and a very rare T.P appearance in Perth). If you're an IDW fan, come along to see our great friends Ted Adams and Chris Ryall make their Australian debut. 

Coming up in July - Wonderfest Japan. Find the Japanese Page: Here  And if this is you're new to Wonderfest find an English explanation Here

We have additional announcements to make regarding Ash's appearance at the Summer Wonder Festival and I will post those here as they occur and keep you all updated.